We are partnered with House of Hope and Bacop with the mission of making education readily available to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

Our Partners

The House of Hope Uganda Inc was set up by Wendy Pollock. In 2010 she visited the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda as a volunteer aid worker. She found a facility that had 140 orphans from HIV/ aids affected families, and a primary school that catered for 250 children from nearby villages. She immediately began to raise funds and support. Her efforts saw new permanent classrooms built, and further education programs were developed so adolescents leave school with a secondary school certificate to enable them to gain employment. She also works closely with Medical aid for critically ill children.

Balamu Community Outreach Program (BACOP) was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of serving the Ugandan community. The organization brings together groups of community members who are dedicated to improving the livelihood of local communities through education, skill development, and provision of health services.

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